Africa Rocks Broadcast / The San Diego Zoo


An exhibit that goes to 11. 

When Africa Rocks launched at the San Diego Zoo, it wasn’t just the largest exhibit in their 100 year history. It was SIX unique African habitats with filled with hundreds of new animals to encounter.

Armed with a name that literally rocked, we created six different animation styled habitats that showcase the Zoo's new rockstars and teach you how to love again.


Animation: Gentleman Scholar  / ECD: Maria Smith  / ACD: Ron Tapia & Ben Lay  / AD: Stephen Reidmiller


- Habitat Bumpers -

:15 broadcast spots with unique animation and music for each habitat.


- Broadcast Mashup -

Additionally, we created a longform video that traverse all six animations, creating a singular rock and roll broadcast piece.


- Logo Art - 

We created over 30 Easter Egg logos to pepper across our spots and social spaces.