The Time Scouts Handbook / 826LA


Prepared for whenever.

826LA is an incredible nonprofit that empowers students through creative writing programs. I’ve designed several projects for them over the years, but this is by far my favorite.

What was originally a series of time travel merit badges expanding into a fully realized Time Scouting program, complete with 80 page handbook that I wrote and designed.

You can buy a copy and support 826LA through their very real Time Travel Mart.


Author/AD: Stephen Reidmiller / Illustrator: Beth Morrell / Director: Dan Roman


- The Kickstarter -

In order to bring Time Scouts to life, we created a Kickstarter that featured the always dapper Marc Evan Jackson. We raised over $50,000 dollars in under a month, provided students with more than 500 free books, and funded Time Scouts for years to come.

This is the best timeline.


- Time Gear -

Available at 826LA’s Time Travel Mart.


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